Back Wall Ball exercise  

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  1. Hold a ball right in front of your face while you are in squat position.

  2. Come up to the top of squat, and throw the ball against the wall and catch it up. 

  • Ball wall is a easy exercise basically a front squat with medicine ball and when you come up to the squat you will throw the ball against the wall.
  • Ball wall exercise requires good mechanics of front squat.

  • While you are in squat position make sure that your hips lies below the knees, weight on the heels.
  • Catch the ball in safe way to let it go.
  • For efficiency, hold the ball close to the body.
  • Perform 10-12 repetition for girls and 15-20 repetition for boys.
  • You can also perform ball wall with your partner, in this case you will throw ball to your partner side and again your partner will throw same ball to your side. Stay 6 feet away from your individual.

  • Do not catch ball by keeping your hands down the ball. Your palms should be nearly in front of the ball.
  • Do not hold very heavy ball. It may hurt your legs if it fall upon the ground.

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