Back Judo Pushups exercise  

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  1. Maintain your hips little more elevated for start, keep your shoulder apart. And put your back high in the air.

  2. Take down your head first towards the ceiling, then dip and push through with your chest and come all the way up by extending your arms.

  3. Now your back is towards the ceiling, of course, you need to straighten it up, so push your body backward and raise your butt in the air. So that’s the 1 repetition.

  • Judo pushups are the common exercise commonly performed by wrestlers. Helps to improve your stamina and flexibility.
  • Judo pushups also help to lengthen your body muscles.
  • Judo pushups is a cost-free exercise. You don’t have to purchase any equipment to perform this exercise.

  • Your legs should be straight throughout while performing judo pushup exercise.
  • At the end keep your arms straight and throw your chest forward.  

  • Being a beginner do it in slow and in a controlled manner.

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